Tuesday, April 29

I *heart* the Harlot.

Like you didn't already know that, right?  Today/tonight was sooper terrific.  I'm pretty sure it'll take me days, nay, weeks (okay I might be exaggerating) to process and recover from tonight's festivities but, man, was.it.worth.it.  A quick run-down of the evening.

Picked up Tammany and made our way to the Barnes & Noble in Carmel.

Got to B&N, played with the basket o' buttons, selected one (green, woo!), and purchased the four books by the great (we're not worthy) Stephanie Pearl-McPhee that I didn't own.  I'm still not sure if I got scammed by the cashier dude (talked me into buying the B&N membership card...10% off stuff or something).

4:00ish (there was a lot of -ish going on)
Found our seats, and most will never believe that we were not the first people there...for a reading by a knitting humorist.  Seriously.

^first pic of the night...Tammany begins to question my mental health, I think.

Tam and I get in line for book signing tickets.  Again, not the first to arrive.

Back in our seats.  The countdown begins anew.

^These are the lovely knitters who were "lucky" enough to sit near us.  Ha.  They were indeed lovely people who put up with my strange computer photo-taking.  Love you guys, seriously.

Still awaiting the arrival of the Harlot.  Lots more people have arrived.  See?
^more of the wonderfully patient and obliging knitters

The drawing-of-the-names for door-prizes donated by Stitches & Scones.  And.....I won one of them!  Woo!  Two balls of Panda Wool in Basil Curry (#443), a ruler, a Circular Solution port-a-pocket bag, and a coupon for 15% off a purchase at SnS.  Woot!
^Ooh!  Lookit!  15% off!  Oh, the damage I could do...
^Hmm, what shall I make of this (free!) sock yarn?

^Bet you didn't know a bag could double as a hat like that.  Ha.

Final pictures taken of the audience.  I amused some and annoyed others, I imagine.  But, I enjoyed myself, ha!

Indiana freaks Stephanie out as we (finally) execute a group wave (as seen at baseball games) in her honor.  Stand-up routine follows.  Huh.Larious.  Seriously funny and clever lady.

Got to meet Stephanie, had wonderful conversation regarding Post-its, had all my new books signed, she worked my compy (same as hers) and got some pictures with and without the sock.

Friday, April 25

cross your fingers...i know i've got mine crossed.  can't say why just yet...but cross 'em just in case.  now excuse me while i go over there ==> to hide and mumble to myself in the corner.  thanks.

Monday, April 21

Meet Liam.

Liam Wolfgang Sebastian Plank.  Really.  What were they thinking?!  Anywho....Meet Liam.

The requisite cute, happy baby picture.

You can't understand just how much this picture brands the kid as a Moreno.  The ears, the nose (oh, the nose), and the general look of suspicion.
Yep.  He's a Moreno.

And the last....which I must admit is my favorite.

Hello, angry baby full of bitterness!  Welcome to la familia!  You'll never be able to escape!

Wednesday, April 2

No, seriously...

...Why am I still awake at FIVE FREAKING THIRTY IN THE MORNING.  Can someone explain, pretty please?  I've been trying to sleep for almost two and a half hours without success.  Seriously, what up with that.  Lame.  Boo.


the problem with her is she lacks the power of conversation but not speech.