Wednesday, January 31

today should happen everyday

Hokay, started off well. (And I actually mean that too!)

I always listen to Karl Haas's "Adventures in Good Music" program and today's show was about Schubert and Schubertiana. It was fantastic.


So the other day I was listening to Karl Haas on the way to school like every other day. It was a Strauss special and he was closing the program with "Also Sprach Zarathustra". Here's the awesome/creepy part. I was driving on 46th at the Boulevard stopsign and just as I turn past the little curve in the road and see the Butler entrance the radio plays "dah...dah...dah....DADUUUUUUUUUUUUH!" I believe this to be a sign from some supernatural being telling me to turn around, go home, and go back to sleep. Did I? Of course not but it's good to know that even God doesn't want me at Butler anymore.


So the Karl Haas program was fantastic and then Composer's Datebook came on the air and said "American composer Philip Glass..." (I got real excited) "...was born today in Baltimore, MD." Today was great if only because it's Philip Glass's birthday. I composed a birthday song based on his music. Those of you that know the opening theme from Act III of "Photographer" (I know it all too well) know most of my song already. And the text, in minimalist style, is just "happy birthday" over and over again. I'm brilliant, I know.

In music history, I actually had good answers for Dr. Briscoe's pointed questions. That never happens. Theory was fairly boring except that we looked at a Chopin Prelude which is happy. World music is always fun for me. We listened to some capoeira music. It was sweet.

Then I had lunch with a friend...the same friend that I haven't been happy with lately. It was special. I went home had a lovely nap and went back to school to work in the lab. The lab was actually a relatively good time. I got a really nice compliment from a student...she said that she was glad I was working because I actually seem like I don't mind helping out. I guess the other staff people aren't that friendly. It's true, the atmostphere of the lab is greatly changed from last year, due to changes in management, faculty, absurd dictator-rules. (We miss you, Emily!)Whatever. I'll take compliments where I get them.

Then the best part of the evening...
drum roll.............................................
I got a check for the MTTC proctoring I did earlier in the month...and it was almost $300 more than I thought I was getting. As Libby put it, "now you don't have to get rid of cable." Okay that wasn't MY first thought but it works. I'm (so far) resisting the urge to do something stupid and splurge lots of money on some kind of yarn and fancy looking sticks...we'll see.


Also cool...Friday's pay day. Yay!


All for now.

Tuesday, January 30

Hokay, so...I was really hoping for a snow day dice. Go figure. I need to learn how to break the school's heat system so we can having a freakin' snow day. SNOW DAY. NOW.

Anyway, the helmetliner is all but finished...just those pesky yarn ends. It's always so much fun until the yarn ends.

So there you go. It was so cold this morning when I was going in to school (did I mention that today was NOT a snowday) that I looked at the liner and thought "ooh, this looks warm..." and almost put it on...but I resisted. I was cold...would have been anyway. Oh well.

And here's a pic of my cousin's scarf. I blame this for me hating yarn ends...only a bajillion to sew in. And not that I've mailed it to him yet...whoops. It's on the to-do list.

As far as friends and such go, lately things have been unsettled. I don't like feeling belittled and patronized, and with one particular person that's what I get day after day. If she and I are walking together somewhere, she will always make sure to walk at least 2 feet in front of me and talk without looking at me. Then, when I ask her to repeat herself because she wasn't talking in my direction and I don't have bionic hearing, she gets pissed because I'm not listening. She also gets pissed when I don't feel like joining her in something, like visiting the computer lab or going to get something out of her locker...we're in college now. We don't need a buddy to go the bathroom like we did in kindergarten. WTF. Half the time I feel like I'm a substitute for someone else, and she's just putting up with me until someone with better things comes along. This is not so good for the self-esteem. Whatever. PS...I don't want to see you stretching in flesh-colored tights, or bend yourself into suggestive poses and then glory in the attention. Also, because you insist to be a complete bitch to me, you don't get to complain when I return the favor. I don't do it often because it's most often not worth it. We'll see what happens. I felt bad today because I was pissed at this person and someone else thought I was mad at them instead...oy. Hooray. I'm excited. Not. Whatev.
Also, I hate lessons and it really galls me to keep taking lessons because I don't need to...but I do if I want to present a recital...ugh. Mr. Rossi and I almost had it out today...hehehe. It was pretty awesome from my end.
Okay that's all for now. I currently have a sock on the sticks but other than that, nada. PS again...I think I'm in love with lace the way Tammany is in love with socks. This can't be good.
More later, peace out.

Sunday, January 28

Apparrently it's impossible to buy a damn sub on a Sunday.

Update time. Woo. It's Sunday night and it's clearly impossible to buy a damn sub on the east-side after 9. What the hell. So much for my cold cut combo. :(

Tomorry begins another week of hell...I mean, school. Or could they possibly be the same thing...hmm. Orchestra's tomorrow and Clark will be back which means that we just might get stuff done. Nothing wrong with Andy but the orchestra doesn't really like him all that much. Whatever.

At home, things are kind of sucky right now. I'm trying to figure out the money side of life which means I'm realizing just how much money I don't have. Each month our cable bill is $25/person which is really money I don't have. Since I don't need cable I have a hard time rationalizing paying for it when I could use that money for something really necessary, like food. Or yarn. But I have a feeling the roommates won't like that. Oh well. We'll see how that goes. In the meantime I owe over $240 because we didn't pay the cable bill last month. Getting the money to pay the cable bill is going to be FUN. IPL also caught up to us so now we owe them almost $70. I asked Libby if she or Stacie would mind putting the bill in one of their names because EVERY OTHER BILL IS IN MY NAME. That's not cool. When we pay late (which we seem to do a lot) it doesn't affect their credit, it affects mine. Things were kind of snippy and bitchy but whatever.


I'm almost done knitting a helmetliner for a soldier in Iraq that my grandparent's "adopted". Thanks to Tammany, my Knitting Fairy Godmother, I now know how to pick up stiches and such. Which is helpful. I'm trying to figure out what to do with some Malabrigo yarn I have as well as some Ultra Alpaca yarn (yummy). I still have to rip out the lace scarf I was making as a Christmas gift...yeah, it's almost February. I know. It'll get done. Eventually. Oh well.

That's about all for now. Peace out.

Oh! PS...I blame the Diva for this...I LOVE LIME&VIOLET. That is all. More next time.

Wednesday, January 17's post #2

yes i'm a slacker and i haven't posted since thanksgiving. oh well.

so it's day 2 of the semester and i'm already ready to be done. no joke. i don't really even want my degree that much. don't get me wrong i want a degree but i don't care what it's for...not good. i was very disappointed that we didn't get a snow day yesterday...the first day of school (ignore the fact that all the snow was melted by the afternoon...doesn't count).

but yeah. i'm very frustrated with butler in general. i love orchestra. in fact, the only reason i'm still at butler is maestro clark. i hate, though, that we can barely sightread quarter notes and that no one seems to care that we suck. very few people are seriously engaged during rehearsal. why pay money to waste time for six hours a week? you can do that for free at home. you can be sucktastic for free at home. you can talk and joke and sleep and be drunk for free at home. so don't do it in rehearsal. grr.

also, i'm putting together music for a recital in april (the 29th to be exact, at 2:00 p.m.) and already my applied teacher is saying that he won't let me do the music i picked last semester. was okay over break but now it's not. far be it for him to be...oh i don't know...supportive of ANYONE. yes, the music i chose is difficult overall. but the problem isn't the difficulty level, it's that he doesn't know the music and he's not willing to learn new things. grr.

at least i'm not in wind ensemble. hahaha. that makes me so happy i can't even explain the extent of my joy.

on the knitting front, i was very busy over christmas break. i made the odessa hat and the eyelet lace elegance hat (in dulbin and wisteria knit picks swish superwash, respectively) for two of my cousins. made a diagonal stripe scarf with decor yarn and am still working on a lace scarf for my cousin (have to frog the entire thing...booooo), socks for my mom and socks for my dad. had some major knitting burnout after christmas and am trying to relocate my knitting "mojo" as Tammany calls it. pictures to come.

that's about all for now. i'm off to work in the lab in a little bit. boo school. boo mr. rossi. boo string players. boo butler.

the problem with her is she lacks the power of conversation but not speech.