Wednesday, January 17's post #2

yes i'm a slacker and i haven't posted since thanksgiving. oh well.

so it's day 2 of the semester and i'm already ready to be done. no joke. i don't really even want my degree that much. don't get me wrong i want a degree but i don't care what it's for...not good. i was very disappointed that we didn't get a snow day yesterday...the first day of school (ignore the fact that all the snow was melted by the afternoon...doesn't count).

but yeah. i'm very frustrated with butler in general. i love orchestra. in fact, the only reason i'm still at butler is maestro clark. i hate, though, that we can barely sightread quarter notes and that no one seems to care that we suck. very few people are seriously engaged during rehearsal. why pay money to waste time for six hours a week? you can do that for free at home. you can be sucktastic for free at home. you can talk and joke and sleep and be drunk for free at home. so don't do it in rehearsal. grr.

also, i'm putting together music for a recital in april (the 29th to be exact, at 2:00 p.m.) and already my applied teacher is saying that he won't let me do the music i picked last semester. was okay over break but now it's not. far be it for him to be...oh i don't know...supportive of ANYONE. yes, the music i chose is difficult overall. but the problem isn't the difficulty level, it's that he doesn't know the music and he's not willing to learn new things. grr.

at least i'm not in wind ensemble. hahaha. that makes me so happy i can't even explain the extent of my joy.

on the knitting front, i was very busy over christmas break. i made the odessa hat and the eyelet lace elegance hat (in dulbin and wisteria knit picks swish superwash, respectively) for two of my cousins. made a diagonal stripe scarf with decor yarn and am still working on a lace scarf for my cousin (have to frog the entire thing...booooo), socks for my mom and socks for my dad. had some major knitting burnout after christmas and am trying to relocate my knitting "mojo" as Tammany calls it. pictures to come.

that's about all for now. i'm off to work in the lab in a little bit. boo school. boo mr. rossi. boo string players. boo butler.

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  1. Hooray for blog updates. You're not a slacker! You ROCK!
    And, yeah. BOO sucky people.


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