Thursday, November 23

Pasame la botella...

Okay, first post. Don't blow it. Nobody reads these things anyway right?

Hokay, so...I'm in Monterrey, Mexico visiting my dad and his significant other. Tomorrow's Thanksgiving and I won't be there to spend the holiday with the family...not that broken up about it. I saw and caught up with everyone. Yes, I wish I could have spent more time at home but really...all we do on Thanksgiving is go to my grandparent's house and eat a pot roast. Not turkey. And it's usually just my grandparents, my mom, and myself. Not a bad thing but it's not the big family get-together like it used to be. We all have our own lives and that's okay. Whatever. I'll be home for Christmas and that's what counts. PS...I get to actually eat turkey tomorrow. I didn't know that they had turkey in Mexico...they don't in Mexico City but apparently they do in Monterrey. Thank you Costco.

But yeah, I'm having a good time visiting. Haven't done anything special though tomorrow I get to go shoe shopping. Yay! And I get to have Tacos Alameda...yum!!!!! You don't know tacos until you've had the full eating-in-the-streets taco experience. Can't wait.

On the knitting front, I finished the scarf for my dad. His response was: Me encanta, me encanta! (That means I love it, I love it!) He's only taken it off twice since he got it yesterday(which is foolishly brave since I've seen how the man eats). The picture above is the scarf, and the one to the right is my dad modeling said scarf. But I'm glad he likes it. I was worried it wouldn't be long enough especially because I have 10" of yarn left and no way of getting more. Whoops. Lesson learned for next time.

For any knitters out there, I knit this on Artful Yarns Jazz in Miles on US9s using the Alpaca "Furry Goodness" Scarf pattern I found on

And now...time for bed. I'm going to need my sleep if I'm going on a shopping spree tomorrow...yessssssss. So Happy Turkey Day, everyone. Be thankful to your divine figure of choice and be sure to thank him/her/it for the many awesome things in this world (be sure to mention family, friends, puppies, kittens, knitting, and tacos).


  1. YEAH! I'm the first one to comment!
    That scarf looks great! I'm glad your dad loved it! Now get hopping on those socks so you can begin to share in my obsessive-ness!


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