Saturday, May 31

Rapunzel, Rapunzel...

from top to bottom:
succulents--blue carpet sedum, cascade sedum, jelly bean sedum, and two hens & chicks
succulents chilling in the window
near--gerbera daisy in third bloom (woot!), far--begonias, way far--aloe
dwarf hidcote english lavender...from seeds!  i grew those!
big growing thing--orange mint, wee barely growing thing--genovese basil

Yay plants I haven't yet killed!  The succulents and the orange mint--which smells absolutely AMAZING...I can even smell it in the other room--are recent purchases from Habig (local garden mecca store).  Also purchased two ferns--autumn and dwarf holly--that have joined my lemon button fern in my shower window.

What's left of it, that is.

This one's not my fault.  At all.  A lovely little caterpillar decided to have half of my fern for lunch.  And then decided he liked it so much that he made his cocoon there.


So.  The little bugger took a flight out the window and my fern is taking it all in stride by trying to seed my ENTIRE SHOWER.  Really.  Little black seeds all over the window sill and tub.


Oh well.

That's the plant report until something either very good or very bad happens.  I'm planning to order a bunch of seeds from Seeds of Change.  I'm not really set up to grow veggies so I'm thinking just herbs.  Though I do want to try some lettuces and an upside-down tomato plant.

Oh, and because someone complained about the content of this blog...or lackthereof...

yarn:  hand-dyed by ThankEwe in Scuba Dive
needles:  4 US 1, 2.25mm

These are the completed hockey socks...that I started in March.  Granted, I finished them in April.  But yes, I suck so I'm only just now posting them.  Eh.

ETA:  Oh and if you're wondering...there is no cleverness involved with the titling of this post.  That's just all I could think of.

Tuesday, May 27

Don't bugs talk to each other?

By now you'd think they'd have spread the word that bugs that dare to venture into my domain don't last very long.  That they'd at least chat each other up.

Ant:  "Yo Bob, haven't seen Chuck in a while.  You heard from him recently?"

Earwig:  "No, Janice, haven't seen him since he went into that crazy bitch's apartment.  You know, the one that plays one hell of a squeaky clarinet.  Come to think of it, Frank went in there last week and I haven't been able to find him either."

Ant:  "Strange.  Think it's a coincidence?"

Just now, I found a big sucker that looked like this in my kitchen.

How dare it.

Needless to say, it be dead.  And I may have loudly proclaimed "Eww!" upon first seeing it but at least I did not squeal and scream like a girl.

It's the small victories in life, after all.

the problem with her is she lacks the power of conversation but not speech.