Wednesday, January 31

today should happen everyday

Hokay, started off well. (And I actually mean that too!)

I always listen to Karl Haas's "Adventures in Good Music" program and today's show was about Schubert and Schubertiana. It was fantastic.


So the other day I was listening to Karl Haas on the way to school like every other day. It was a Strauss special and he was closing the program with "Also Sprach Zarathustra". Here's the awesome/creepy part. I was driving on 46th at the Boulevard stopsign and just as I turn past the little curve in the road and see the Butler entrance the radio plays "dah...dah...dah....DADUUUUUUUUUUUUH!" I believe this to be a sign from some supernatural being telling me to turn around, go home, and go back to sleep. Did I? Of course not but it's good to know that even God doesn't want me at Butler anymore.


So the Karl Haas program was fantastic and then Composer's Datebook came on the air and said "American composer Philip Glass..." (I got real excited) "...was born today in Baltimore, MD." Today was great if only because it's Philip Glass's birthday. I composed a birthday song based on his music. Those of you that know the opening theme from Act III of "Photographer" (I know it all too well) know most of my song already. And the text, in minimalist style, is just "happy birthday" over and over again. I'm brilliant, I know.

In music history, I actually had good answers for Dr. Briscoe's pointed questions. That never happens. Theory was fairly boring except that we looked at a Chopin Prelude which is happy. World music is always fun for me. We listened to some capoeira music. It was sweet.

Then I had lunch with a friend...the same friend that I haven't been happy with lately. It was special. I went home had a lovely nap and went back to school to work in the lab. The lab was actually a relatively good time. I got a really nice compliment from a student...she said that she was glad I was working because I actually seem like I don't mind helping out. I guess the other staff people aren't that friendly. It's true, the atmostphere of the lab is greatly changed from last year, due to changes in management, faculty, absurd dictator-rules. (We miss you, Emily!)Whatever. I'll take compliments where I get them.

Then the best part of the evening...
drum roll.............................................
I got a check for the MTTC proctoring I did earlier in the month...and it was almost $300 more than I thought I was getting. As Libby put it, "now you don't have to get rid of cable." Okay that wasn't MY first thought but it works. I'm (so far) resisting the urge to do something stupid and splurge lots of money on some kind of yarn and fancy looking sticks...we'll see.


Also cool...Friday's pay day. Yay!


All for now.

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    Can't imagine who you had a special lunch with.
    Get rid of cable. It rots your brain.


the problem with her is she lacks the power of conversation but not speech.