Friday, February 16

i got my crack fix...yessss

Okay, was mediocre at best, if only because it wasn't a snow day. Orchestra was fun as usual. Really, I just want to play my horn all day. But I was completely exhausted after only an hour of playing...stoopid fever. I slept all afternoon and I'm still tired...mostly just achy. Fun times.

Yesterday was probably the worst Valentine's Day I've ever was going so well. It was a snow day, I watched cartoons and movies all day, took a nap...then I went to try to dig my car out of the snow hills made by the plows. They are AWESOME and plowed the snow AROUND my car...not the best idea. I drive a Saturn. There's all of a 4" clearance on my car. Best part, though, was when I locked my keys in my car. And it was running. And my house key was in the car. And my roommates were out. Due to the new car starter, the doors lock automatically now. So when I got out to scrape some snow from under the car (did I mention I didn't have a shovel?) and closed the door...doom. Luckily some neighbors down the way were nice enough to let me stay in their apartment and called their road service to unlock my car. I felt bad because their dinner was cooking and was ready just after I came in. But I got to watch American Idol (normally wouldn't have but it wasn't my tv after all). Of course, mere minutes after my car gets unlocked and the neighbors help me move my car (they really went above and beyond) and I go inside, I get a call from both of the roommates. Ha. Convenient. An awesome evening overall. After all that, I then had to go to the gas station and put gas in the car because it was just sitting there, running, for almost two hours. Went to Walgreens after that for some Advil and cough drops (my foray into the Indiana winter wonderland didn't help the cough and fever I'm sure) and some Gatorade. The gatorade pretty much made me nauseous but it'll help keep me hydrated.

Wow, when I post, I really post.

If you made it this far, fair yarnies (don't know where that came from), read on.

Tuesday (snow day #1) I got the privelage of driving around the east side of Indy trying to find the damn post office so I could pick up my and Tammany's crack from Knit Picks. That's code for yarn. For the record, McCoy street does not connect with Franklin Rd like the resident office said, nor does it connect with 56th street like my roommate said. It, in fact, is this little spit of a road that connects only with Pendleton Pike. The roads weren't bad but, man, Indiana drivers suck when they drive in snow. Well, the suck at the driving anyway. But, in the end, I got the yarn and wound it up on the same day because it's sooo yummy.

Plans for said yarn:
Andean Silk Twist in Campfire, 2 balls: will be an abbreviated version of the Legwarmer socks from Knitty
Shine Sport weight in Turquoise, 8 balls: will someday be the Ballet camisole that I found on Knitting Pattern Central. I'm real excited.
and last...drum roll...
Essential sock yarn in Navy, 2 balls: WILL be the Baudelaire socks from Knitty as well. I am IN LOVE with this pattern and I will make these socks or die trying.

A couple weeks ago I bought some dark grey Skacel merino lace weight yarn from Mass. Ave. The guy at the counter said to just "give it a little shake" when I go to wind it and it'll be lovely. NOT. The stuff is now the bane of my existance. It's gorgeous and soft and merino and lace weight but it's a real pain in the sticks, if you know what I mean. It's currently in 2 wads in the bag. I unknot it a little bit at a time when I feel brave and have time to waste. Sad.

So that's life up to now. I'm going to bed to hopefully not be a sicky in the morning (yeah like that'll happen).

Oh, I also have to add 12 more minutes of music to my recital...lame! But at least I didn't have a lesson this week. Yesssss.

All for now.

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