Wednesday, February 21

couldn't resist

Okay so Pickles today was hilarious (that's a comic by the way)...but I felt it was lacking a certain...I don't know what. So I tweaked it and am damn proud of my efforts.

So drum roll....

Here's the original for those who are interested. That's it. It's the little things in life that make me yarn. Mmm, yarn. I might have to post this on the L&V message board...hmm.

All for now, happy knitting.

PS-I think I've come up with something for lent...if only just to give up something. Okay it's not really giving up but whatever. I'm going to make one charity item a month and read a book that's good for my brain once a month. That's the goal anyway. And, yes, be nicer to other people, don't swear as much, yada yada...that's all implied. Hooray. Peace out.


  1. yay!!!!! another charity crafter!!!!

  2. I love that comic. Without having seen the original, I can definitely say that you improved it.


the problem with her is she lacks the power of conversation but not speech.