Thursday, March 15

freaking out...

okay it's late so this will be quick. i'm in monterrey, where tacos are cheap and tasty, the weather is 78 degrees in march and all is well in the world. NOT. i have an audition scheduled for sunday. which means i get to fly back to indy tomorrow as planned but get on yet another plane on friday to go hang out with my cousin in colorado and play this damn audition. i am really starting to freeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaak ooooooooouuuuuuuuuut. FREAK OUT. it's a little last minute which doesn't make it any easier. as it is, when i get home i have to do laundry so i have something decent and non-smelly to wear (always a good first impression...[audition panel member]: "okay so who did you like?" [other person]: "yeah i totally liked that smelly chick"....or even worse "i hated that smelly chick)

yeah i'm calm like a cucumber. or something. will have to remember to take the sock yarn on the plane because i definitely forgot it this time...whoops. no socks for dad yet. and now he wants a longer scarf. i made him a short scarf because he asked for a short scarf but now it's too short. whatever. i fixed his sweater that busted a seam in ten minutes flat so he could wear it to work that day and he never said thank you. screw that. whatever.

i never did get my margarita.

all for now. i'll be sure to freak out some more tomorrow when i'm running around my house like a crazy person trying to find all my damn music. wheeee. peace out.

wow. that was fast. one whole blog post in under 10 minutes.


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