Tuesday, March 27

oh man have i sinned...

...but it's soooo worth it. today was great because my yarn from the LOOPY EWE came today!!!! sooo excited. the mailman knocked on my door but because he's the world's shyest door-knocker ever i didn't hear him and only realized he was there when he was walking away. which is not good! because when that happens he takes my packages back to the post office and i have to wait to play with new yarn... :( so to avoid the waiting period i chased him down the sidewalk in my pajamas to get my yarn. he looked a little surprised and slightly nervous at being chased but too bad. it takes a lot to get between a yarn ho and new fiber. but in the end i got it and all was good in the world.

i got two skeins of claudia hand-painted in earth dot and one skein of zen strings serenity in aloha. so excited. see pics below.

i also purchased a cookie sock pattern...gothic spires...droooool. i don't know that i'll ever have the concentration to make them but gawsh they're purty (!!!). i don't know what pattern i'm going to use for the earth dot, but since the ZS yarn is sport weight and not as long on the yardage i think they will be some summer sock footie things. yay!

let me just add that sheri from the loopy ewe is amazing. not only did she get my yarn to me in two business days but she sent a little note with my yarn that was just too sweet. i can't say enough nice things about her and her store.

the peachy-orangey-salmony goodness in the second picture is my yarn from lambspun of colorado (it's not really as orange as it looks...stupid flash making things freak out). it's a 55% merino-45% wool blend...yummy. i just want to hug it all day long. i'm planning to make a moebius-cowl thing with this...probably using the pattern from a magazine i got...can't remember which one right now. i spent the end of spring break in fort collins, colorado doing an audition and visiting my cousin. his parents, my aunt and uncle, were on vacation so we got to hang out. it was a good time, especially since i hadn't seen him in almost four years. i forget as i get older that my family gets older too...and at the same time cooler. it was fun. mike's a blast and he bought me lunch. so of course i told grandma that he was such a gentleman and treated me to good food so he should be expecting a little something extra for his birthday or christmas from her, i imagine.

so i have no finished projects to show...boo...i should really finish something sometime soon. like the christmas gifts that i gave to my cousins and then took back so i could finish them...oops. i've promised myself that i will start christmas stuff earlier this year...which means more than two weeks before christmas would be good. i'm awesome like that.

lesson tomorrow at 9AM...BOOOOOO. that's way too early. oh well. all for now. i'm peacing out. later fools. bye.


  1. Great looking yarn! :) We'd love to have you in the knit-along; just send me an email address for the invite. (Your blogger profile doesn't seem to let me send you any.)

    I'm amylherzog at gmail, just in case mine isn't visible either.

  2. Guess I need to scratch Monkey Socks and Roza's Socks off my list of patterns...


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