Wednesday, May 16

holy crap i suck at updating...yeesh

Okay, well hi world. I'm still alive and knitting. I know you were all worried. But seriously, end of the school year = crazy even though I didnt' really accomplish much this year. But that's a different and far more depressing post.


Woo, I've accomplished quite a bit for me. I finished my Monkey socks in Cherry Tree Hill Earth sometime in late March/early April. No picture yet but it's coming, promise. They were my Mom's Mom's Day gift and she loved them. No, I didn't keep them for myself even though I was reeeeaaally tempted.

Also, one Menehune Cobblestone sock done...using Dream in Color yarn...mrrowr. Yummy yarn. Almost done with the leg on the second sock which is encouraging. This means that I'm making good headway with the 4SAS KAL. I'm hoping that makes up for me totally (and unintentionally) blowing off the Quick Fix KAL. Oops, my bad.


Grr....such good intentions and now such misery. Ps...Napkin of Doom is a pact that Tammany (aka Yarn Diva) and I made to not buy yarn/yarnie products until we get some projects done. Man it sucks! But I'm getting there. I can buy yarn when I finish the Cobblestone socks, the bane-of-my-existence Roza socks (not really but I complain about them a lot even though they're pretty), my second FiberTrends clog and then felt them, and either socks for my dad, another pair of socks for me, or the Falling Water lace scarf (probably not this one...the pattern is great but man the yarn is not my friend). So yeah, lot to do but since it's either knit a lot or never buy yarn again...guess which I'll choose.

All for I haven't bought yarn in how many days?!? Curse you napkin of doom!

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