Sunday, January 28

Apparrently it's impossible to buy a damn sub on a Sunday.

Update time. Woo. It's Sunday night and it's clearly impossible to buy a damn sub on the east-side after 9. What the hell. So much for my cold cut combo. :(

Tomorry begins another week of hell...I mean, school. Or could they possibly be the same thing...hmm. Orchestra's tomorrow and Clark will be back which means that we just might get stuff done. Nothing wrong with Andy but the orchestra doesn't really like him all that much. Whatever.

At home, things are kind of sucky right now. I'm trying to figure out the money side of life which means I'm realizing just how much money I don't have. Each month our cable bill is $25/person which is really money I don't have. Since I don't need cable I have a hard time rationalizing paying for it when I could use that money for something really necessary, like food. Or yarn. But I have a feeling the roommates won't like that. Oh well. We'll see how that goes. In the meantime I owe over $240 because we didn't pay the cable bill last month. Getting the money to pay the cable bill is going to be FUN. IPL also caught up to us so now we owe them almost $70. I asked Libby if she or Stacie would mind putting the bill in one of their names because EVERY OTHER BILL IS IN MY NAME. That's not cool. When we pay late (which we seem to do a lot) it doesn't affect their credit, it affects mine. Things were kind of snippy and bitchy but whatever.


I'm almost done knitting a helmetliner for a soldier in Iraq that my grandparent's "adopted". Thanks to Tammany, my Knitting Fairy Godmother, I now know how to pick up stiches and such. Which is helpful. I'm trying to figure out what to do with some Malabrigo yarn I have as well as some Ultra Alpaca yarn (yummy). I still have to rip out the lace scarf I was making as a Christmas gift...yeah, it's almost February. I know. It'll get done. Eventually. Oh well.

That's about all for now. Peace out.

Oh! PS...I blame the Diva for this...I LOVE LIME&VIOLET. That is all. More next time.

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