Friday, July 6

ugh *headdesk*

i'm such a joiner...i joined mystery stole 3. i don't even wear stoles. nor do i have the yarn or the time to make a stole. my reasoning was this: i don't have to make it right now and i'm such a pattern collector that i might as well. (seriously. i have about a bajillion patterns saved to my favorites folder and i often just sit and look at them all.) ugh.

joiner! *points*
(ps...sign ups for ms3 close on too can be a joiner...i'm an enabler too did i mention that?)

on the sockapalooooza front, i'm half an inch away from heel-flapping sock's about time. i'm doing pomotamus (is that how you spell it? it never looks quite right...) for my sockpal. i asked her if there were any patterns that she liked but won't (or just hasn't) made for herself and this one was on her list (thanks to my sockpal for this idea!). but really pomotamus almost killed me 4 times...that's the number of times i had to RIP IT OUT. note: tofutsies doesn't take frogging well. not at all. but it is uber pet-able and has a really soft wool smell...i'm starting to love the smell of wool...very comforting...go figure. i was hoping to be able to dye some yarn for my sockpal and then knit her socks from that but after spending over $250 on trips home (still trying to figure out how i'm going to afford gas to go home for the graduation party extravaganza) and 2+ months of unemployment (and my former supervisor failing to sign my last time sheet...still arguing over this) the dyeing is on hold........

i want to dye NOW

i'm not impatient at all...hokay enough posting...have to move more stuff to the new apt tomorrow...such a pain in the ass...but i'm hoping to be able to sleep there tonight...or at least by saturday. we'll see. cross your fingers that it rains already so there's no death by humidity.

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  1. Your socks are done!!! I really like how they turned out. Hope you like them too. I have some Tofutsies that I won and can't wait to cast on. That is a good tip that it doesn't frog well...

    Sock Pal


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