Thursday, March 6


I am so beyond thrilled to have found this thing called TasteBook.

[insert imaginary screen shot here because blogger fails at life]

It's such a great idea. It is an online, build-your-own, fully customizable cookbook. You can choose the cover, the title that you put on the book, all of the recipes's awesome. It's $34.95 for the spring-apart binder (so that you can add and remove recipes) and 100 printed recipes.

Seriously. (!!!)

Recipe sources include epicurious and several popular foodie blogs (like SimplyRecipes, where I found this). You can also make custom print outs that fit in the binder of your own recipes with your own pictures and order additional recipes after purchase. Or, if you create one as a gift, you can add, say, 30 recipes and give the other 70 to the giftee to choose for themselves.

I am truly impressed with this thing...and I have a feeling that this will become the standard wedding gift. Freaking awesome, this. Folks at epicurious, I bow down to you and your genius.

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