Monday, June 2

Come on, baby, light my fire...

I'm continuing the random titling from yesterday.  Go me.

Today was Stitch & Pitch downtown at the Indy Indians game.

There was no sunburning to speak of.  So, even though they lost to the Mud Hens, I'm counting today as a win.

There was much knitting.  I had the remains of the May Flowers yarn from ThankEwe that I used for my mom's mommy's day socks (which I totally forgot to photograph before gifting...whoops).  Tam was working on her second Augustus Gloop sock, to which I admit I'm kind of partial.  There was someone right behind us who was learning to knit and making some great progress, too.  (Hooray!  ¡Arriba la Knitting Revolución!)  We got some free stuff courtesy of Stitches & Scones.  Okay, it was novelty yarn.  But my sense of thrift (or what some might term an obsessive attraction to all things free or discounted) still has an appreciation for it.

Hmm what else to mention...perhaps...oh...just maybe...THE RED WINGS GAME 4 WIN?!?!?!?


Seriously.  I can't wait for Game 5 (Monday at 8 on NBC).  Favorite and most nerve racking part of the game?  The 1min. and 28sec. that the Wings were down by 2 men.

That's right.  A freaking 5 on 3.

Wings only allowed 1 shot (with no score) during that power play and almost had a goal of their own.  I bow down to their hockey greatness.

Also, before I go to bed so that I can get up and go to work (boo work and its internet-less-ness), I found the Quit Now Challenge.  Pretty much you pledge to give up an addiction of your choice (or more than 1 if you're brave) for one month.  And since it's June that's only 30 days.  Well, 29 for me because I'm starting a day late.

Anyhoo, I'm going to give up/change behavior regarding the following.  Let's see how long I last.  Woot.

(ETA 7/1: This part deleted because I did, well, none of what I said I was going to and I don't want to shame myself.  That is all.)

That's all I've got for now.  I reserve the right to alter goals as I see fit, so there.

Time for bed.  Boo work.  Here's hoping we have power (okay, I might be kind of wishing we're still without power) and internet.  Dear god or god-like figure, please give me back the interwebs...the compulsive internetting mentioned above is only regarding internetting spent at home.  Work doesn't count, says I.

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