Monday, January 12

Dear Ann Budd...

Oh, the ways you have failed me.  It turns out your "Handy Book of Patterns" is not as handy as one might assume.

I am planning a sweater by an awesome designer, but plan to make it long-sleeved as it will probably get significantly more wear that way.  The pattern includes directions for the long sleeved version, but only includes yarn requirements for the short-sleeved version.  Fair enough.  But since the yarn I'd be buying is only sold in cones, I'd really like to know what to expect.  It's no fun having one long sleeve and one capped sleeve.  Looks damn awkward, I'd imagine.

So I mosey over to my pile of knitting stuff where your book happens to be at the moment, thinking that since your book is so handy that I would be able to open it to the part about sweaters, choose the same gauge and size, and magically have a better idea of the yardage I'd need.  Now, wouldn't that be handy?  Indeed, it would.


All this handy book says is that you will need anywhere from 550-3000 yards depending on size and gauge.  Holy hell, but that is so far from handy it's not even funny.  Also, I've yet to make anything from this book that I actually like.

Handy my ass.


  1. That's a bummer to hear since I have that book too. Of course, I've never actually.....oh, wait. I have knit one hat from it. That came out ok. Too bad I gave it away to an ass.
    Can you just buy extra yarn and then return the leftovers?

  2. she has a flier (cardstock) with yardages for different weights/sizes. i got it with the book. i guess it's not a normal inclusion.

    that sucks


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