Thursday, December 18

Holiday guilt.

If there is one thing that is universal, it's guilt.  Even more universal (if that's possible and for now let's assume it is) is holiday guilt.  This is what they should put in christmas stories that you hear by the fireside and in winter jingles that are supposed to perk you up but just end up being depressing when you hear them in November.

Today's guilty dilemma:  the donating of the blood.  I will always be thankful to my mother for dragging me along as a kid with her when, like the decent person she is, she donated her maximum four times a year.  It always surprises me that donating blood is still so sweepingly unpopular.  I remember in high school that it was the cool thing to do because you got an awesome sticker that had magical powers to make people be nice to you because you gave.  I don't know if it's the fact that you have to take a measly 30 minutes out of a busy schedule to go and give someone a pint of life or if it's something completely different.  But I do think that our lives (and society in general) is all about convenience (fast food, anyone?) and donating is often seen as too much of an inconvenience.

Well.  Imagine being the one injured and needing a transfusion.  Those things are just so inconvenient too.

Anyhoo, my holiday guilt right now is split.  See, I have this big list of knitted things to finish before the big G (Giftmas, or Christmas for all you still fooled into thinking all this commercial crap is done in the name of Jeebus).  And to get all of it done, I'm going to need my left arm. 

And therein lies the conflict.  If they take blood out of my left arm (because apparently that's the only one that works) I will fall even further behind.  Which is not good.  

But...I can always knit after the holidays (though dammit this was going to be the year I got stuff done) but if someone needs blood it's not like they can wait, ya know?  So yes.  I am going.  I only considered postponing for about 3 seconds.  But I still feel the guilt that I was willing, even for 3 seconds, to put fiber (some lovely fiber at that) above someone's bleeding ulcer/severed arm/ruptured spleen.

So when my family is making fun of me (don't you just love family...*grumblegrumble*) remind me to show them my HUGE AND AMAZINGLY UGLY BRUISE that I got while saving someone's life.

PS--Oh, and for today's knitting content...

Forgive the crappy Photo Booth picture but that's the back of the Misbehavin' vest.  ALMOST FREAKING DONE.  That finishing of objects thing I mentioned?  It might happen yet.  The blanket is on row 109 of 121 and if I don't make it all the way through the chart I won't be disappointed at all.  It shall be all blocked and pretty this Saturday (thanks to T for the use of her tub and carpet woot).  I still hate gloves with a passion previously unknown to man and beast, but they shall be done too.  Also, clogs will be officially done tomorrow! when T and I going a-felting.  Woot!

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