Tuesday, December 16

Totally reasonable? Or...

Overly optimistic and foolishly suicidal?  You decide.
There are 9 days left until Giftmas.  9.  That's it.  And while I am closer this year than any before to actually finishing everything on my list, that little voice of reason in my head is screaming hysterically, "What the hell were you thinking??? You'll never get everything done!!! Abort! Abort! Abort!  Assume the fetal position and begin with the desperate tears!"

Well.  That voice is mighty persuasive, let me tell you.  But my will (otherwise know as a ridiculous sense of determination) is strong and I shall persevere.

The List (with most recent (but not really all that recent) pictures):

Fibertrends Felted Clogs for Cousin 2 -- DONE!

Fibertrends Felted Clogs for Cousin 3 -- DONE!

Hannah Hat for Cousin 3 -- DONE!

Broadstreet-style Mitten/glove things for Cousin 1 -- not so done and make me feel stabbity.  Note to self:  quit it with the gloves.  You don't like them, so don't think that this time will be different.

[no picture...imagine a half-done lonely single glove in navy blue yarn]

Swirling Gauntlets for Cousin 2 -- not so done but rather fun

Hemlock Ring Blanket for the grandparents -- not so done but getting there.....sloooowwly.  I've figured out if I do two rows a day between now and Giftmas I can get it done.  Just realized that I didn't factor in the bind off.  *twitch*

Misbehavin' Vest for mom -- not so done and the pattern writer makes me feel stabbity.  You cannot write "as the spirit moves you" on a pattern and not expect me to take your name in vain.

Dr. G's Memory Vest for pops -- not so done and in fact barely started.  I've accepted that there is no way that I can get it done in time, especially with everything else.  But as the smaller stuff gets done, I can at least get started.

Brigid socks for aunt 1 and 2 -- not so done....and these are from last Giftmas.  Yes.  I suck.  I know and I've moved on from this.

And there are a couple of pairs of socks for the grandparents which were what they asked for with their Giftmas coupon from last year.  Yeah, not in a rush on either of these.  Oh well.

On the non-fiber front, I was really hoping to have a new job at the beginning of the year.  There is a certain degree of suck and awesome with the new job but overall it would have been a good move.  But I haven't heard from them since November when they said they were going to be hiring over the next 7 months.  Don't they know I have a schedule of my own and they must follow it?  Economy being what it is, it'd be a great opportunity to save money and work a somewhat more life-fulfilling job.  But I am grateful that I still have my job and am not unemployed and filing bankruptcy and living on the street and can still afford the essentials (read:  lovely yarn).

Back to the fiber.  It calls to me.  Did I mention that it tells me shameless lies?  It does.

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  1. SHOW OFF!!!! hokay..... I *will* finish the clogs by Friday. Wanna have a felting party on Friday? I know you don't like where we have to go to do it, but it's the only way I am going to get them done. If I have some competition! What say you?
    My yarn lies to me too. Bitches.


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