Wednesday, June 27

boredom is evil

ever just want to dye your hair red? or pink? or purple? i don't know why but right now i could really go for some chunky red highlights...hmm...

step 1 get job
step 2 make money at job
step 3 pay bills
step 4 buy yarn
step x after everything else go all crayola on the hair

ps--don't you love how just about anything can be turned into a predicate adjective? i do.

1 comment:

  1. i actually worked for a company (a casino, believe it or not) where you could not have your hair be an "unnatural" color. i dyed my hair desert red (that was the name on the box! honest) by a hair company (i think it was ferria, or loreal or such) that is known for natural shades, and almost got in trouble, because it almost showed purple in some lights (and it covered my grey into looking pink!). i showed them the box, and they relented.

    however this is the same company that wouldn't allow men to have any piercings, and women could only have 2 through their ear lobes. also no tats. what prudes!


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