Sunday, June 3


well, right now i'm visiting the family at home (the non-indianapolis home that confusing sometimes)and i'm BORED...i know. this is nothing new, really. but i'm at home with plenty of knitting but you can only knit for so long before your hands cramp and scream "DOOM!".

it would be nice to just be able to TALK to dog doesn't talk back...and if she does that's when i finally have myself committed. this may happen yet. also, would be nice to talk to someone MALE. love tammany and everything but geez. i think the final straw for tonight (i'm going to bed early because of le frustration...grr) is that eharmony pretty much rejected me. screw 'em. and i don't have $40 to waste on that

so now i'm bored, frustrated with life, and lonely. also it would be nice if the men i talked to weren't LOSERS. i'm sorry, but being the bag boy at your local supermarket for 9 years...while your perseverence and dedication to your store is somewhat admirable...*shudder*. i think i'll pass. sorry, but i'm not yet that lonely.

but yeah, almost done.

the napkin of doom can kiss my ass. i went and shamelessly bought 2 circular needles so i can finish one of my projects on the napkin. yep, i've decided needles don't count. oh well. but really. these socks were a pain in the butt and now i can't get enough of them on the circs. woo.

that's it. peace out.

(oh and did i mention i'm major pms-ing right now and oreos are my new best friend? woo.)


the problem with her is she lacks the power of conversation but not speech.