Monday, June 18



Whos' done with the napkin? I'm done with the napkin!

I know, took me long enough. Even so...Tammany and I agreed that two half-finished projects equaled one done project...and I don't care if that's cheating. Just deal with it. Ha!

So the projects I finished...

1. Menehune Cobblestone socks from Crystal Palace in Dream in Color Smooshy Wisterious
2. Modified sport-weight Jaywalker anklets by Grumperina in Zen Strings Aloha
3. Frogged Button-Up wristlet things from Crystal Palace in Lambspun of Colorado yummy yarn in this melon color...kind of sad because it's 55% mohair and I seem to be allergic. :(
4. Felted Clogs from FiberTrends in Cascade 220 (I'm counting this as 75% done) and Roza's Socks from Grumperina in Claudia Handpainted Earthdot (working on the leg of the second sock)

Can I just repeat

Oh, and even better, one of the LYS is going out of business so everything is 50% off...Okay that's not really a good thing for them but for me it is (yo=broke).

50% off addi turbos anyone?

Oh, and I suck at this scarf circle thing...very first send-off and I'm late. :( Hopefully I'll get that out on Tuesday...that's only four days late...that's not THAT bad right? Oh well. I'll not suck on the next send-off, how about.

I think I'm going to be making myself a lot more anklet sock things...they're fast, I can get about two pairs of them per skein and they're definitely more summer-friendly. However, I am planning Eunny's entrelac knee-highs from Interweave for the winter...I'm probably nuts for wanting (okay, needing) to make these. Oooo, and Rhiannon by Cookie. That one too. And anyone else think that Vinnland from the Anticraft would make great knee-socks?

PS...someone fix my left index finger because for some reason it hurts...if you know why, please share. I'd love to know how I managed to injure myself without noticing.

Okay all for now...the job hunt continues.

(will post pictures as soon as i have enough money to buy film and develop said film or get steal Tammany's camera because mine rides the short bus)

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  1. After what you have been going through healthwise if yarn cheers you up I so go for it. Hope you feel better soon! Sock Pal


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